"I have worked with Qube Recruitment over the last 3 years and have recruited a number of high quality staff with their assistance. As a Client, it is most important for the recruiters I use to listen and act exactly upon my requests for specific multi-lingual requirements, some of which may have seemed impossible to fulfil! I have doubled the size of my team in the three years that I have worked at my company with Qube Recruitment’s assistance."

Sarah Aldridge, Vetting Vice President, GlobalSign Ltd


"Qube Recruitment has provided Nova Lift Company with excellent recruitment support for office and operational personnel over a number of years. Many of the personnel recruited by Qube Recruitment have become permanent staff. I would highly recommend using Qube Recruitment as, in my opinion, they offer a professional, efficient and very well organised service. They provide solid recruitment support, are quick to respond to our needs and their interviewing & vetting process is very thorough. They have been a very reliable business supply partner."

Michael Hadlow, Head of Group Operations, Nova Lift Company Ltd