News - 2017

Why Use a Recruitment Agency

13 February 2018

There are many benefits of using a recruitment agency for both candidates and businesses. Recruitment takes a lot of time, effort and skill to match the right candidates with the right vacancies, particularly if those roles are in specialist sectors. You can try and do it yourself, however it’s really not a task business owners should just add on to their already hectic schedules or one that stressed and inexperienced candidates should attempt alone. We take the burden of recruitment away from you and turn it into a wonderful opportunity. Remember: recruitment is its own industry for a reason – it’s not universally easy.

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4 Steps on How to Get Your Dream Job

18 January 2018

We spend the majority of our lives working, so it makes sense that we want jobs we actually like doing! There is no definitive answer on how to get your dream job; every industry, every company, every person is different. But, there are actions you can take to get yourself on the right track for your dream career.

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You Need to Consider Flexible Working this Christmas

14 December 2017

Most employees understand why businesses need them to work over Christmas, but that doesn’t make them happy about it. Offering them a compromise such as flexible working keeps staff happy and helps ensure that businesses remain productive during the festive period.

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Silly Candidate Mistakes

16 November 2017

Finding a new job is stressful. We get it. In fact it’s our job to make it easier. However, our recruitment consultants often find that our candidates can make silly – and completely preventable – mistakes both before and during their interviews because they’re so stressed. Don’t worry though; we’re here to help you prepare and avoid these candidate interview mistakes, so you can find the right job, quickly.

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Qube Thoughts: Through the eyes of a new starter…

27 October 2017

Being the new guy is always a daunting this and it's okay to be a bit nervous, take it from me! I started here in July at Qube Recruitment in 2017 and despite knowing a couple of my new colleagues already, I still felt like the new kid in class.

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How Millennials are Changing the Work Environment

19 October 2017

Millennials. You’ve either heard about them or you are one yourself. Anyone who came into the world between 1980 and 2000 (roughly) is deemed a millennial. Why do we keep hearing about this generation? What makes them (or us) so important to the workplace?

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Writing the Perfect CV

22 September 2017

What makes the perfect CV? I decided to pose this question to everyone around the office. I mean, who better to ask? We look at the CVs you send us so we’re pretty skilled at assessing the quality of a CV and likelihood of its success. We also liaise with businesses looking for candidates; therefore we know exactly what a specific client is looking for at a certain time.

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Before You Meet Your Recruitment Agent

24 August 2017

A lot of candidates don’t know what to expect when meeting their recruitment consultant for the first time. At Qube, we use that first meeting as an opportunity for friendly discussion about you and your job prospects. You can read more about our process here. Meeting your recruitment agent is neither scary nor stressful. Nonetheless, a little preparation will make the entire process much easier.

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Our Recruitment Process

28 July 2017

Many working professionals are under the misconception that when you hire a recruitment agency, you lose control over the recruitment process. At Qube, we ensure you remain informed and meet with only the strongest candidates.

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What Your Interviewers are Really Asking You

28 June 2017

There are thousands of possible interview questions out there. Although you cannot predict exactly what your potential employer may ask you, you can prepare yourself by doing a little research and thinking from their perspective. We have lifted the veil on 7 different types of interview questions, so that you can improve your chances at getting your dream job.

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Why You Need A Specialist Recruitment Agency

02 June 2017

Employers who require candidates with specialist skills often have a hard time with recruitment. On top of their already taxing job, they are expected to find a qualified applicant to fill a very specific vacancy. This is not easy.

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Flexible working

05 May 2017

Flexible working, also known as agile working, has become a trend. So much so, that it is now an accommodation that companies must legally attempt to provide, due to the ever expanding and global workplace. Our daily lives have become busier than ever. Any parents out there will know how difficult it can be, juggling picking the kids up from school and earning a reasonable wage. That’s where flexible working comes in.

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Preparing for an Interview and Appeasing Anxiety

10 March 2017

Well done! You have a job interview! You are probably experiencing a tumultuous cocktail of feelings: happiness, anxiety, pride, concern and so on. There is no need to let this overwhelm you. There are ways in which you can prepare yourself for this interview, so it need not plague your mind.

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LinkedIn and the Power of Recruitment

10 February 2017

Let’s start with a question; Are you on LinkedIn? If yes, then you are one of the millions of professionals and job seekers that use the platform. If no, well; you should be. This type of social media platform is unique in the fact it caters directly to the B2B market. It is the professional social network, and with no distinct rivals in this niche, it has proven a highly valuable tool to one particular industry; recruitment.

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The Six Hour Work Day

13 January 2017

This article examines the Six Hour Work Day experiment conducted in Sweden and, if implemented, how it would work.

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