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Our Recruitment Process

Our Recruitment Process

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What exactly does the recruitment process entail?

Many working professionals are under the misconception that when you hire a recruitment agency, you lose control over the recruitment process. At Qube, we ensure you remain informed and meet with only the strongest candidates. We do the research and carry out the preliminary steps. We also make certain that we understand your business and your requirements. Essentially, our recruitment professionals do the grunt work and deliver the most suitable candidates to you.


We obtain as much information as possible

Once we are in contact with a client, we arrange a meeting so that we may learn about your precise needs. We do our utmost to find out exactly what you are looking for in candidates and what your vacancies entail. We will ask you questions and speak with you about your concerns. Our recruitment consultants do not want to override the recruitment process; it is your business and your future employee. Our specialists want to learn as much information as possible about your company, services and employees so that they can find the most suitable candidates.


You pay nothing until we find the right candidate

Some businesses shy away from hiring recruitment professionals because they do not understand the process and believe that they will be unnecessarily charged. This is untrue. At Qube, we do not receive payment until you have agreed on your candidate and they have officially started working for you. There are no hidden fees, we agree on pricing during our initial meeting but do not accept payment until we have found you the right candidate. We do the work first and guide you through the entire process, keeping you informed along the way. This transparency not only allows you to see what you will be paying for and helps you to maintain control, but also ensures that we provide the best service possible. We make sure you are satisfied with our services before we charge you.


We find the strongest candidates

Our specialists meet with you in person and ask clear, insightful questions to help them find the most suitable prospects. We want to understand your employees and the personalities that shape your business in addition to your company and the roles on offer. These details ensure that we find the person not only with the skills you require, but those with the most fitting personalities. We conduct independent research, use valuable resources and actively seek out the best candidates. One of the primary benefits of using a recruitment agency such as Qube, is that we have access to more skilled candidates than you. Our job is to spend time matching prospects with the most fitting roles; it is a detailed and thorough process that differs from typical company protocol in which recruitment tends to be a secondary task, unfortunately bestowed upon someone with other responsibilities. This means that we hone in on prospects that you would not have otherwise found.

We meet with our prospects face to face

Once we have spoken with a strong candidate, we arrange a meeting. Many recruitment agencies do not see the necessity in a face-to-face meeting with candidates. Qube do. We know that meeting in person is an invaluable component of the recruitment process, for it enables us to really gather some insight on a candidate. Meetings show us how candidates come across in an interview situation. We can offer advice that helps prospects to express their potential, which means that you are less likely to miss out on a viable candidate.


We arrange interviews between you and the candidate

After meeting with valuable candidates who we find suitable for particular vacancies, we arrange all preliminary and subsequent interviews between clients and prospects. Our recruitment specialists inform you of their strongest candidates and give you insight which helps you decide on whether you want to hold an interview. We organise the various stages for both the client and candidate; the recruitment process is cleaner, quicker and more effective.


We liaise between both client and candidate to maintain clarity

Your recruitment consultant will continue to liaise between you and the successful candidate even after you have met with prospects and selected your choice. We offer job confirmation, hold contract discussions and ensure all questions are answered before decisions are finalised. According to HR Morning, one of the most popular reasons people leave their job is because ‘the work was different than they expected’. Candidates tend to be more open and clearer with recruitment agents than their new employers. Consequently, we are able to prevent miscommunications and objections that may arise later down the line.


We follow up with the client and candidate every few weeks

The openness that we encourage from our candidates and clients provides us with useful insight. We regularly contact both employer and employee after commencement of the role, to check in on candidate acclimation and client satisfaction. Not all recruitment agencies place much importance on this part of the recruitment process, but our specialists understand it as critical. ERE Media reports that, ‘one third of new hires quit their job after about six (6) months’. By developing a familiar relationship with both the client and candidate, we contribute an element of communication to the recruitment process that is often lacking.  We ascertain honest feedback and help deal with any concerns before they develop into problems that leave you back at square one, with an undesirable vacancy.


Recruitment is a priority, not a hassle

Our recruitment consultants deal with a variety of sectors that require varying skills. It is therefore essential that we ensure we understand our client needs exactly. We find out as much as we can from our clients and keep them informed so that they may maintain control over the recruitment process. Recruitment should not be treated as a hassle. This leads to underwhelming and unreliable hires. Our recruitment consultants do not make the recruitment process more complicated, we make it simpler by opening up the lines of communication between client and candidate.

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