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Before You Meet Your Recruitment Agent

Before You Meet Your Recruitment Agent

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A lot of candidates don’t know what to expect when meeting their recruitment consultant for the first time. At Qube, we use that first meeting as an opportunity for friendly discussion about you and your job prospects. You can read more about our process here. Meeting your recruitment agent is neither scary nor stressful. Nonetheless, a little preparation will make the entire process much easier.

1. Relax

You need not feel tense when meeting your recruitment specialist. Meeting with a recruitment consultant is not the same as attending an interview with a potential employer. Certainly, a consultant interviews in a sense, but unlike a job interview, you are not being tested. Instead, a recruitment specialist will use this consultation to assess your interview skills and offer you advice that will improve your chances in future interviews.

2. Update your CV!

Your recruitment consultant wants to help you, so help them by ensuring that your CV is up to date. There is no point presenting your recruitment specialist with an outdated CV because they will be looking for jobs relevant to your now. Furthermore, you will have to update your CV eventually so you may as well get it out of the way. An updated CV will guide your recruitment specialist as they ask you questions and find out more about your career goals. An outdated CV will hinder this practice and slow down the job hunting process. It is also worth writing different CVs and sending them to your recruitment agent, especially if you are applying for jobs across several sectors, rather than having one generic template. Highlight your strengths most relevant to each job vacancy for which you are applying.

3. Have a clear idea of your desired career or career options

Your recruitment consultant can assess your skill-set and advise you accordingly, but they cannot choose a career for you. It is normal to be uncertain about your future, nevertheless this indecision makes the recruitment process slightly more difficult. If you are unsure, do some independent research and look into varying industries prior to your recruitment interview. You may find that you are interested in several sectors; mention this to your specialist and they guide you in the most appropriate direction.

4. Know your skills

Only you know exactly what you have achieved and experienced. Knowing your skills will help ensure that the recruitment process runs smoothly. Don’t worry about bragging; recruitment consultants want to hear about you and your skills. This will help them to not only advise you and identify relevant job prospects, but also to sell you to potential employers. Recognise your strengths and how they will help you prosper in your chosen career.

5. Be realistic

Your recruitment consultant will suggest vacancies that they think are suitable for you, based on your interests and skills. Do not assume that you will obtain your ultimate dream job as soon as you sign up to a recruitment agency. You may even be discouraged by the roles with which they initially present you. It is essential to remember that a recruitment specialistwill never try to cheat you out of your dream job. They will assess your abilities and consequent suitability to available vacancies in your favoured field. Your recruitment specialist will only suggest job vacancies that they think you stand a chance of obtaining. Their expertise can guide you in the direction of your dream job by helping you build a career that could lead to your ideal role.

6. Think ahead

Being realistic about your job prospects does not mean you should settle for a job you do not really want. Accepting a role, or even just attending an interview for a job that you cannot see yourself enjoying is a waste of your employer’s, your recruitment consultant’s and your own time. You should also be realistic about travel and living situations. Are they reasonable? Will you really cope with 4 hours of travel each working day? Can you afford the travel expenses? If you accept a job without thinking ahead, you may find yourself back at square one.

7. Write down questions

Your recruitment consultant is there to help you! Voice your concerns and ask questions so that they can make the process as simple and straight-forward as possible. Write down any queries you have so you do not leave your meeting with your recruitment specialist, thinking: “Oh I forgot to ask about. . .” Equally, try not to enter the meeting hurling 100 questions at your consultant. The majority of your questions will likely be answered during your discussion anyway. Just be prepared, communicate and listen.

Your recruitment consultant is there to help you find a job. That’s it. They have no hidden agendas. Taking the above steps will prepare you for that initial meeting and facilitate the recruitment process, so that your job hunt runs smoothly. Meet our team of recruitment specialists here. Or, simply contact us now for your free recruitment consultation.

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