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4 Steps on How to Get Your Dream Job

4 Steps on How to Get Your Dream Job

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We spend the majority of our lives working, so it makes sense that we want jobs we actually like doing! There is no definitive answer on how to get your dream job; every industry, every company, every person is different. But, there are actions you can take to get yourself on the right track for your dream career.

1. Be as specific as you can about what you want to do

We can’t help you get your dream job if you’re not sure about what you want to do. You need to do a little independent research and find out a bit more about the industry you’re interested in. For example, if you know you want to work in transportation and logistics, but don’t actually know much about the different roles within the sector, or the qualifications you may need, then spend some time looking into it. This will at least give you a point of reference about the steps you need to take.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t be flexible at the start of your career, but that you should have an idea of the direction in which you want your career to go. This will help us make sure we recommend jobs that will actually give you relevant experience and help you develop the career you want.

2. Accept that your first job won’t be your dream job

You need to be realistic. If you have no experience or qualifications – and even if you do – you can’t expect to land your 75k dream job straight away. You need to recognise that careers are not static and that you’ll have to put in the work to get there. Your very first job might not even be all that relevant to the end result you have in mind, particularly if you need to find a job quickly. The important thing is that you don’t become disheartened, nor allow yourself to become complacent. Keep in contact with recruitment agencies and stay on the lookout for relevant opportunities.

3. Sign up to relevant recruitment agencies

We’re not just being biased, we promise! As a specialist recruitment agency, we’re quite literally trained in getting you the job that suits you best. A lot of recruitment agencies cater to highly specific industries. For example, in addition to our general vacancies, we specialise in helping people find careers in constructioncareers in engineering and careers in transportation and logistics. The benefits of signing up to recruitment agencies who specialise in your desired field should be obvious but just to make it even clearer: we know the industry, we know the roles available, we know the employers, we know the process, we know the requirements.

While we won’t always get you that dream job straight away, we will find you the most relevant opportunities that will get you on track for your chosen career. We won’t ever browbeat you into applying for a job you don’t want; we’re here to make you and our clients happy. Everyone can benefit from professional help finding a job because it’s our duty to provide the best candidate/role match possible.

4. Look into independent courses and study

We find that a lot of our candidates want help finding a job with no experience or without quite the right qualifications. In fact, 65% of recruiters cite a lack of skilled candidates in the market as the biggest obstacle to hiring (Devskiller). This is why we tell you not to expect your dream job straight away: you simply don’t have the skills yet. However, to help us get you that experience that will put you on the right track towards your dream job, you should look into a bit of independent study. There are a lot of online courses out there and they’re not all ridiculously expensive. Some are even free. Taking part in some of these courses will really boost your CV and show that you’re passionate about your chosen career path. It seems nowadays that everyone, and particularly graduates, need help finding a job with no experience. Looking into courses will show that you’re trying to make up for that so you can get a role in the sector you want.

How to get your dream job: use every resource available

We all wish there was a formula explaining how to get your dream job. It seems like it’s impossible getting the experience you need to get the job you want. This is why you should sign up to a recruitment agency that specialises in your sector. Contact us today for free here.

You need to use every resource at your disposal because if you don’t, someone else will – and they’ll be the ones who get the jobs you wanted.

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