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April 2018

Wrap up of the Week

Wrap up of the week!

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Only a short blog this time.  It’s Friday, it’s end of the month and we’re up to our eyeballs.  The team have just smashed their weekly and monthly records and so we’re going to sit down and think about how we celebrate it.

Ever considered a career in Recruitment?

Wait a minute, let me clarify.

What do you think about a job that’s like piloting a rally car at full pelt with no brakes?

Through a forest.

At night.

At this point you’ll be thinking one of two things:

“That is a whole lot of nope”

“That sounds awesome”

If you’re answer is the first one, then our industry might not be for you.  But we’re here to try and help you find that perfect match so you should get that CV together and send it through to us as we may have that perfect role.

If, however, you crave something that’s a little out of the ordinary then maybe you ought to consider it.

In a pure coincidence we’re currently looking for an Apprentice to come and join us.  It’s a perfect entry into the industry and would set you up to becoming a Recruiter.   We’ve got a great team and maybe you’re the part we never knew we were missing.

If you’re thinking that it all sounds exciting and you want to know a little more then give us a shout.  We’ll talk you through it and help you decide whether it’s for you.

Gary is the Branch Manager at Qube Recruitment, a privately owned and independent agency servicing multiple sectors.

He has been doing this for a while and seems pretty good at it.  Despite what you might think, he really wants to talk to you. Contact him or a member of the team on 0800 468 1900 or email

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