Do AI Systems And Recruiters Go Hand in Hand?

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Do AI Systems and Recruiters Go Hand in Hand?

Amidst the recent buzz and hype surrounding AI systems in the media, the fear of losing jobs to intelligent tech has become snowballed. In a modern world where technology is forever expanding and adapting to adhere to business needs, it is no wonder that artificial intelligence in recruitment has become such a popular topic of interest -with some companies even beginning to offer AI systemsas a service for various different business sectors. It becomes a battle of the human and bots almost, so we must ask: can AI replace the human recruiter?

To answer this question it is important to firstly explore what an AI system does. HireVue uses AI technology, and after testing their tech in a video for Business Insider, they received mixed opinions. The interviewing process in particular seemed to suit the tech element. Essentially, a candidate answered interview questions via video and then, using AI algorithms, the tech was able to evaluate their performance. The AI recruiting technology used this data to analyse the interview and predict their performance in the job role.


AI recruiting technology has always incited mixed reviews. To understand why, we must first ask: what does a recruiter do? The process and purpose of a recruitment agency is to build a profile of your client and nurture a relationship. A human can experience and understand different aspects such as personalities and cultures, giving them a deeper understanding of their candidate. A level of understanding and empathy is configured which allows the recruiter to find the perfect employees for a business.

Our ethos says it best: The right job and the right person are always out there — Qube Recruitment bring them together at the right time, in the right place.

How Can An AI Recruiting System Build a Candidate Profile?

AI recruiting technology can build candidate profiles pretty easily, actually. For example, a candidate may be pre-analysed via a mobile phone. The tech collates data that then deems what job roles you match. Is this ethical? Not just for recruiting employees, but in general?

A system deciding your future, just by analysing the way you answer interview questions and ranking you against other candidates. And it brings about the question, what if you are a person who is nervous and uncomfortable with cameras, but are confident in front of people? An impersonal piece of tech will alienate and perhaps limit your ability to perform. On the other hand, the data collected aims to pair you with a job role specifically suited to you. This could save time and give recruiters new insight into various candidates, cutting down the manual filtering necessary, as they would have specific lists of people that suits certain job roles.

Is A Digital Transformation Needed for Recruitment Agencies?

Algorithmic data is so specific and uses in depth analysis to predict behaviours. Stefanie Stanislawskicreated an AI algorithm to “help companies to develop their internal business and external talent attraction, and to make the recruitment process candidate friendly, by adapting it to each individual personality”. Data and the results collected could indeed streamline the entire process, and find candidates that better fit business needs and requirements. Additionally, if technology is updating and workspaces, mobiles and various office gadgets are constantly evolving, is the recruitment process in need of a digital transformation?

“Applying artificial intelligence into the recruitment process could ensure more diverse, empathetic, and dynamic workforces, and according to studies, an algorithm could increase the accuracy of selecting job candidates by more than 50%”.

Companies are dedicated to find the ‘perfect’ fit for their company and have specific requirements they need to consider when recruiting employees. Should they then, open themselves up to AI recruiting tech?

It is important to remember that human interaction is the underlying factor of the recruitment process and that it creates the foundation for a successful face to face interview. With technology dominating modern society, will taking away this need for human interaction result in us losing it forever?

The benefits or a recruitment agency come from the experienced consultants who can help both the candidate and the employer, and this should not be undermined.  In addition, the amount of support you gain from a recruiter is invaluable and very often required by candidates and businesses alike.

Let’s Be Real

In the light of GDPR and people becoming more cautious and wary of where their personal data is being stored, artificial intelligence could put many people off. Having in-depth findings could be harmful to a candidate if the process was not conducted in an ethical way. AI clearly presents itself as a useful tool that has the potential to aid the recruitment process, however if it stops a person being matched for a job role that they really wanted to apply for then it does bring about the question whether humans should ever be defined by a system that impersonally collates data.

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