Silly Candidate Mistakes

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Silly Candidate Mistakes

Finding a new job is stressful. We get it. In fact it’s our job to make it easier. However, our recruitment consultants often find that our candidates can make silly – and completely preventable – mistakes both before and during their interviews because they’re so stressed. Don’t worry though; we’re here to help you prepare and avoid these candidate interview mistakes, so you can find the right job, quickly.

Some Candidates Lack Direction

A lot of people know what they want to do or at least, where their skills would flourish. Equally, a lot of people lack direction. We sometimes meet with candidates who have no idea what kind of job they want. Now, our recruitment consultants may be specialists but we’re not gods. We can’t choose your career. Do a little research on your skills and see what industries interest you. We can look at your skill set ourselves, offer CV advice and make recommendations but it really helps speed up the process if you share your preferences with us.

Some Candidates Carry Out No Independent Application

Our job is to match the right candidates with the right vacancies. This is pretty straight-forward and we always do our best – boasting an extremely high success rate. Nonetheless, if you need a job, you need to send out your own applications alongside our recruitment process. Pro-activity is key when you’re jobhunting. Keep us updated on your progress so we can work together to get you hired.

Some Candidates Let the Nerves Win

Nerves are the downfall of many a suitable candidate. We often find that candidates are nervous when they meet us, which is ridiculous because we’re not here to judge but to help you!

Pre-interview nerves on the other hand, are normal. You’re not an amateur because you’re worried about your upcoming interview at that company you’re really interested in. On the other hand, you can’t let your nerves get the better of you. How often do you have a conversation with someone and get caught off guard, making a verbal blunder or lacking a witty retort? How often do you look back on a conversation and think of the perfect response that you should have said? You don’t want to reflect on an interview and think about the impression you could have made.

Avoid this by suppressing those nerves. Talk to your recruitment consultant if you’re nervous and ask them for interview tips. They can give you more information and talk you through the interview process.

Some Candidates are Underprepared and Conduct Minimal Company/Industry Research

Go to your interview with some background knowledge! You don’t need to slave away for hours researching every single company you’re interviewing at, but you need to do enough to understand what the company does, its recent activity, its principals and its attitude. You don’t want to be asked a question that you don’t know the answer to and pre-interview research will help prevent this. If you don’t carry out interview preparation of this kind, the interviewer will see that you’re underprepared and won’t give you the job! You can also ask your recruitment specialist about the company. If you show us you’re interested we’ll be more than happy to share the knowledge!

Some Candidates Talk too Little

In an interview you want to come across as friendly so of course you should talk, perhaps more than you’re used to if you’re particularly quiet. The whole point of an interview, from an employer’s perspective, is to find out about you and if you’re a good fit for their company. Don’t be scared of speaking and try to avoid awkward silences by asking relevant questions that show your interest. You have every right to ask about your day-to-day tasks, salary and the general company atmosphere. Practice with your recruitment agent if you’re unsure. An interview is supposed to be a conversation. The easier you make it for the employer, the more likely it is that they will hire you.

Some Candidates Talk too Much

Make sure you speak and engage with the employer but remember to breathe! You don’t want to talk over your potential employer as this can come across as frantic, rambling and sometimes arrogant. If the interviewer wants to speak, then let them speak! Respond to questions naturally and show your interest, rather than talking for the sake of it. You also don’t want to become too comfortable. Some employers opt for the ‘this is just a friendly chat’ approach to interviews to lull candidates into a false sense of security in which they become reckless with their words. You don’t need to be on edge throughout the interview – remember to suppress those nerves – but try to be aware of these interview tricks so that you can give your best, professional impression. See our blog, ‘What Your Interviewers are Really Asking You’ for tips on dealing with the trickier interview questions.

Some Candidates Are Aggressively Ambitious

Ambition is a good thing, it shows drive and passion. You just need to make sure that your ambition doesn’t overshadow your capability. Demanding a higher salary when you’re not the most qualified candidate is rarely a good move. Equally, asking about your salary as soon as you walk through the door may give off a bad impression (ask when it’s appropriate, sometimes this is towards the end of the interview). The employer wants to feel valuable to you, and you want to show them your value. By all means express your passion to do well, but pair that with a hardworking attitude.

Some Candidates Simply Don’t Care

Expressing indifference is one of the silliest mistakes a candidate can make. If you’re indifferent about a vacancy then tell your recruitment consultant. You don’t want to accept a job you aren’t really fussed about and an employer won’t offer a job to a blasé candidate. The recruitment process consists of consideration, targeting and time; its effectiveness lies in the effort behind it. So, to really make the most of your recruitment opportunity, look into what you want to do before agreeing to an interview. We won’t be mad if you don’t think a certain role is right for you. We want to do the best job we can.

Final Thoughts

Don’t fret about the recruitment process and don’t fall victim to these silly interview mistakes. Mental and physical preparation will help you get a job that you actually like. Contact us now and meet your recruitment consultant so you can start your job hunting journey. It’s free and there’s no pressure – we’re extra friendly and here to help you build your future.

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