There Is No Magic Tree

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There Is No Magic Tree

Believe it or not, a lot of people think that hiring is easy.

They honestly think that they can put together a badly worded ad (or even worse, a job description), throw it out to a couple of job sites, sit back and wait for people to start banging on the door.

There’s any number of reasons why that’s just a narrow minded, redundant way of thinking and I’ll cover them somewhere in the future, but the long and short of it is that by the time we get to work on the jobs the damage is already done.  We’re then bought in as a back up and have to mop up the mess.  It’s not ideal and certainly not the way we like to work but it does still happen.

Some of the problem seems to stem from hirers that believe that there’s a magic tree in a field somewhere that grows perfect candidates that are happy to work for salaries under market value.  When that doesn’t work and we’re called in, they throw out incredibly specific lists of demands and assume that we then disappear back into our holes and start whatever arcane rituals we’ve picked up.

Spoiler Alert – It’s not like that and what we do is a little more in-depth and sometimes our best suggestion may be to take a risk and go for passion and willingness to learn over experience.  Especially in industries where the hiring pool is becoming smaller and smaller.

Sure, there’s a trade off – you’ll actually need to take time and effort to train and develop the “raw talent” but when you look at the long term benefits they far outweigh the downsides.

With some support, guidance and your input you’re able to get that perfect candidate.  Someone that gets to know the company inside out, knows the procedures and really understands the role.

But this’d all be window dressing if we weren’t prepared to put our money where our mouths were so that’s exactly what we did.

We put an ad out for people to come and join us and the response was pretty good.  Candidates had the skills and background we needed but there was always something that didn’t quite “fit”, we’re a pretty tight team and the thought of toxicity was always a concern.

Then we met Tom.

He doesn’t have the skills and experience yet, but he does get what we’re all about and he’s willing to learn.  To us, that’s just as important and it’s our responsibility to make sure he gets all the training and support he needs to make it work for both parties.

Tom’s first lesson?

We told him the big secret – there is no Magic Candidate Tree.

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