Through the eyes of a new starter…

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Through the eyes of a new starter

Being the new guy is always a daunting this and it’s okay to be a bit nervous, take it from me!

I started here in July at Qube Recruitment in 2017 and despite knowing a couple of my new colleagues already, I still felt like the new kid in class.

Luckily for me, the teams I work with are really friendly and made an effort to introduce themselves and make the transition easier to deal with and in a couple of weeks I get to do the same when we welcome another Consultant on board into the business. Result!

So…here are my top tops for being a new starter…

Take is slow with your new colleagues at first:

There will be time to get to know them properly so don’t feel that you need to INSTANTLY fit in. The chances are you are joining a closely-knit team and no matter how hard you try, things will be different and everyone just needs time to adjust.

Key point to take note… accept offers of help! Why sit and flounder when you can resolve it with the help of someone experienced in the business? This brings me to the next steps; keep your ears open, ask questions and DO NOT rush things! Why rush ahead when you know that a high standard of work takes time, remember it’s a marathon not a sprint to the finish line!

Get your head around the company ‘culture’:

This seems like a reasonable and simple thing but in our experience, it’s the biggest factor to take into account, every business is DIFFERENT so stop thinking of how your old business worked and focus on the new.

Again, listen to what is happening around you and take the time to work out how you fit into the bigger picture. For those of us that are going in at management level – do your homework! No matter why you’re there, you’ll need to adapt your style and gradually gain the trust of your staff! Remember, without them you won’t have anyone to manage!

You’re the new guy, it’s okay to make mistakes:

It’ll happen… everyone makes mistakes. Accept it, own it, learn from it and the most important factor of all… MOVE ON FROM IT. It’s (probably and hopefully) not the end of the world, we all make human errors so don’t take it personal. You were hired for a reason and whoever hired you saw the potential, so dust yourself off and get back to what you do best.

Check in with your Manager/Mentor and get feedback:

There is nothing worse than being left to a new role and not knowing what is going on and it’s even worse when you are sitting in anxious silence wondering whether you are doing things correctly. Have a voice and just ask the question… there is no harm in asking. You are only going to learn and progress if you have clear goals and know what is expected of you.

Finally… Ask Questions:

Never be afraid to ask questions…. EVER.

I know that this seems a bit obvious but it works and I am proof of this. I walked into a really tight team that were all doing well and I had to make my mark.

They are all still here and none of them have thrown anything at me so it must be working.


Here is a little bit about the author of this post;

Jim is the Branch Manager at Qube Recruitment, a privately owned and independent agency servicing multiple sectors.

He has been doing this for a while and seems pretty good at it, so if you are thinking about moving from your current role or just want advice then contact him or a member of the team on 0800 468 1900 or email

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