Why Use a Recruitment Agency

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Why Use a Recruitment Agency

There are many benefits of using a recruitment agency for both candidates and businesses. Recruitment takes a lot of time, effort and skill to match the right candidates with the right vacancies, particularly if those roles are in specialist sectors. You can try and do it yourself, however it’s really not a task business owners should just add on to their already hectic schedules or one that stressed and inexperienced candidates should attempt alone. We take the burden of recruitment away from you and turn it into a wonderful opportunity. Remember: recruitment is its own industry for a reason – it’s not universally easy.

Here are our top reasons why you should always use a recruitment agency!

We know the recruitment process inside and out

Like I said, we’re an industry. We know there are a lot of factors to consider when recruiting for employees but this doesn’t faze us. Of course, not every recruitment journey is identical because every business, every candidate and every role is different – but this doesn’t mean a lot of the fundamentals aren’t the same. We know what we’re doing; it’s basically second nature! You can find more information on Qube’s recruitment process in our blog.

We can identify the best candidates for the best roles

Because we’ve had a lot of practice, we can pick out the most suitable CVs from the tallest of digital stacks and match the best candidate to the right role. We know what qualities to look for in an applicant and can get a lot more information than the skills written on a single page.  Also, we’re excellent CV speed readers who never miss a detail!

We save businesses time, money and hassle (and we do a better job)

Sorry (not sorry), but we really do provide a better service as we have the capacity to do a better job than a lot of inexperienced candidates or business owners, particularly when it’s a start-up or a small business hiring situation. By taking over the recruitment process for you, we filter candidates and interview them first. This means you only spend time meeting with the really strong contenders and can focus on developing your business and managing your current employees.

We help your vacancies reach more candidates

For us, accessing thousands of CVs is literally a click away. We have a bigger pool of candidates to choose from which means we have a better chance of finding the right employee for your business.

We find candidates jobs they might not have found themselves

A lot of candidates with big aspirations aren’t really sure where to start when it comes to job seeking. Do they have the right qualifications or experience? What level of employment should they be aiming at? What salary should they be earning? We provide the answers to these questions, give direction when it’s needed and help candidates get a job in a career they really want.

We’re the best at hiring for specialist sectors

As a specialist recruitment agency, we know our selected sectors. We know how to hire effectively because we know where to look for candidates who possess specific skills, what different specialist roles entail and how to go about matching roles with candidates.

We’re a friendly face you can turn to throughout the process

We’re here for both candidates and new employers. Getting a new job or hiring a new employee can be scary – what if it’s not a good fit? The wrong match can delay work and time, cost money and generally just be an uncomfortable experience. Recruitment consultants offer that extra bit of support which makes everything a whole lot easier. We’re here for you to turn to with any questions and we will always do our best to accommodate your needs, desires and requirements.

We don’t get paid until we fill that vacancy

Candidates don’t pay us any money so they definitely don’t have anything to lose by using a recruitment consultancy and we don’t get paid by a business until we fill their vacancy – we enjoy our jobs but we’re not saints; this structure is a big part of why we work so hard!

So ultimately, what does a recruiter do that’s so useful?

Outsource recruitment agencies do all the heavy lifting, take away the stress and do a better job! We are recruitment specialists; this means that recruitment is literally our livelihood so we readily dedicate time to the whole recruitment process – and we’re very good at it! The best way to hire new employees is definitely through outsource recruitment and the best way to find your dream job is through a recruiter.

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