Why You Need A Specialist Recruitment Agency

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Why You Need A Specialist Recruitment Agency

Employers who require candidates with specialist skills often have a hard time with recruitment. On top of their already taxing job, they are expected to find a qualified applicant to fill a very specific vacancy. This is not easy. It makes sense then, that there is reported concern amongst employers of a shortage of candidates with specialist skills. Are there not enough qualified candidates out there? Or, are these busy employers having trouble finding and attracting them? The answer is simple: employers do not have the time, insight, or reach that will enable them to find the best possible candidates. Why do you think the recruitment industry exists? Recruitment agents are trained to find your company the skills it needs.

We know your industry.

Many employers, particularly within specialist industries, are sceptical of recruitment consultants. They do not believe that we could possibly understand the intricacies of their industry. There are multiple agencies that recruit in specialist sectors which are actually quite different. We at Qube believe that our consultants should have experience in the sectors in which they recruit. Now, not all agencies take this approach, which is why you need to be selective when choosing your recruitment agency. How does the experience of our consultants help you? We have a better understanding of the skills necessary for specific roles. We recognise where there is overlap and where there are very specific criteria. We also know which tools to use and can see where people are suited to roles they may not have initially considered.

We know where to look.

As we have a practical understanding of the industries in which we recruit, we know where to find specialist candidates. We know the specialist forums, the discussions groups and the networking sites that these skilled professionals use. We are also regularly updating our knowledge so that no prospect is missed. Consider the multitude of qualified individuals out there who are not actively applying to your vacancy; we find these people and show them the opportunities that you are offering.

We have access to more candidates than you can imagine.

As a recruitment agency, we have the CVs of hundreds of skilled jobseekers. It is our job to comb through these and find the best matches for your vacancy, as well as outreach and find new prospects. Furthermore, the division of our departments into their specialist industries attracts those skilled individuals with very specific job aspirations. These specialist applicants tend not to limit themselves to generic recruitment sources, but use those agencies that focus on their desired sector. It is also worth noting that, if you require a candidate with a specific academic background, who can be moulded to suit your company, graduates with specialist degrees often sign up to specialist recruitment agencies such as Qube Recruitment. We have access to the newest and freshest talent out there. The combination of our industry knowhow and extensive database means that we often find candidates who are perfect for roles in industries that they may never have considered. It is unrealistic for employers to expect they can achieve this level of research and choice, so we do it for you.

We save you time.

Now that we have given you some detailed insight into our abilities and processes, the time we save you should be even more apparent. Hiring a new person is often seen as an extra task, tacked onto your already stressful job. For the sake of ease, most employers will put out a job advert or two on the big recruitment sites and wait for the influx of suitable applicants. The effectiveness of this tactic varies from industry to industry and businesses in specialist sectors are often disappointed. Yet, these businesses do not have the capacity necessary to carry out a thorough research strategy. The person trying to fill a vacancy will not get paid more for it, so it is unfeasible for them to spend their time ignoring their usual duties in favour of recruitment obligations. We all know that time is money. So why not just save the time and use the money on professionals?

It is unrealistic to assume that your business will easily find a highly skilled candidate for a specific role. Recruitment is a full-time job – quite literally. There are a number of tactics, techniques, insights and resources that we use to find these specialist prospects. We are not reaching out blindly into a pool of CVs, but take an informed approach and use every tool available to us. Hiring a new employee is always a gamble; your reputation is on the line and there is always the chance they will not work out. When you hire us, it is our reputation on the line, so have faith that we will work hard to find you the candidates you need.

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